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Providing you with information that is not widely known. Most people in today's world accept false truths that were handed to them throughout life while others might have encountered certain truths & refuse to accept them as reality. We are here to enlighten people on different fields of thought or historical facts that are true.

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Many gifted and talented people in life go unheard and so we provide a platform here to shed light on them & their contribution to the craft. The objective is to build an awareness about someone who might've otherwise gone undiscovered by popular mainstream.

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Since 1993


In a nutshell this platform is for those who find intrigue in things that have not been exposed as widely as they should have. In today's society most individuals conform to the things that are hammered into their head over & over.  A huge portion of things that we learn from educational institutions are fragments of half-truths, hand picked truths, or blatant lies in order to indoctrinate a people for governing purposes.

In the  world of entertainment the powerhouses have removed the spirit of discovering true talent & replaced it with a desire to feed the masses a systematic programming that concentrates more on mind control & profiting. The goal of penpopper is to allow fans of true talent to perhaps discover someone they may not have necessary heard via traditional mainstream.

As this site continues to grow more features will be incorporated into the overall agenda. Feel free to spread the word about it with friends and family. Be sure to subscribe & hopefully you will be able to leave with something previously unknown to you.


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