American Gang Culture starts at the top of the Government!

As much media coverage is done on gang culture in the United States, the Gangs of 8 that exercise the most power and corruption are never targeted or charged with crime. These gangs not only run domestic policy, but they also dictate policy abroad.

American government has always been layered in trickery. The government Gangs are another example of this smoking mirror. In terms of the Gang of Eight what is being done is that there is more than one Gang and so the policy being implemented is done by the gang but they never specify which Gang of Eight.

Does the country promote gang life or do they penalize it? Evidently the only gangs in America being penalized are the poor ones. The law makers on the other hand aren’t being brought to justice for organized crime and their secret oaths, pledging allegiance to gang.

The intelligence gang and the immigration gang are both a mixture of democrats & republicans. Made up of predominately senators, they wield an enormous amount of power in their respective fields. The FBI is openly said to crackdown on gangs and have anti-gang initiative. If that is true, why aren’t they putting handcuffs to more and more politicians?