The “Real” Confederates were the indigenous Americans!

Chief Tecumseh

One of the biggest ongoing American deceptions is that the Confederates were “White” men who decided to break away from the Union. Tho some truth exists to this statement, the reality is that they were few in numbers and needed “help” in order to battle the Union Army. These “white” rebels sought the aide of the Confederacy which was the aboriginal tribes of America throughout the south and pockets of the North. Albert Pike who at the time was head of Indian Affairs went out to secure alliances with some of these CONFEDERATES and at the end of his campaign had accomplished securing at least 9 treaties of allegiance.

Even the idea of the minority “whites” to form their own quasi like ‘confederacy’ was borrowed from the natives. The lies history books has fed the American public is simply to give the illusion that the ‘whites’ were actually stronger than they really were during the days of civil war.

Chief Little Turtle

Let’s delve into the past and name a few of the Confederacies that were made up of Natives. Temucseh’s Confederacy, NorthWestern Confederacy, Iroquois Confederacy, Wabash Confederacy, Illiniwek Confederacy, Three Fires Confederacy, Pontiac’s Confederacy, Powhatan Confederacy, Iron Confederacy, BlackFoot Confederacy. These are only some of the confederate armies that fought against the ‘white’ Union. The trick was to get them to commit to war against the ‘union whites’ and then the ‘confederate whites’ would be rewarded for successfully convincing the natives to participate in war so that the ‘whitemen’ would be justified in taking the land by force. This is clearly evident when one understands history and sees that ABRAHAM LINCOLN started giving away land DURING the Civil War with the Homestead Act of 1862.

Another thing that should be noted is that these aboriginal prisoners of war were sent to Elmira Correctional in New York as Confederate Enemies. Also what should be noted is that the “Union” committed horrendous war crimes which included burning ‘civilian homes and farms’ and other guerrilla tactics. This is because most of these acts were committed not on ‘whites’ but on Natives and ‘some’ whites who betrayed the ‘union’.


The biggest lie of American history is that it was fought over slavery. The war was fought to strip the Natives of territory and resources. The native ‘Confederates’ controlled the West and the whiteman wanted it! After they conquered the bulk of the Native strongholds by the end of civil war with the help of Russian armies and other European militaries, they still hungered for more. They sent General Custer out West to secure even more land but he was eventually decapitated as well as all his ‘union’ generals for war crimes committed by himself on behalf of the United States. Custer had kidnapped and raped a native princess and got her pregnant. The tribal Chiefs that remained after Civil War who were pushed deeper West wanted his head on a platter. After taking the head off of General Custer, they dismembered him and stuffed an arrow in the tip of his phallus. They then shoved a corn cob in his ear and performed a ceremony over his remains and said that since he wouldn’t listen when he was alive maybe he would now listen in the afterlife.

Once the Civil War was over in 1865, all the ‘white’ confederates were issued a full pardon by the president. This was issued in doses as some were released under Johnson and others under president Grant via the Amnesty Act. To further show the reader that the war had nothing to do with slavery also note that ‘white’ confederate President Jefferson Davis was BAILED OUT of prison by the ‘white’ ABOLITIONISTS. Do the research! Davis lived the remainder of his life in freedom.

Chieh Pontiac

After the ‘real’ confederates were captured as prisoners of war they were released on parole after a loyalty oath which is what is now known as the “pledge of allegiance”. The ENTIRE aboriginal CONFEDERATE ARMY became SLAVES when they were conquered by the UNION. They were paroled and as a slave your children are BORN into slavery. Understand the law and see the trick pulled on the aboriginal American Public. Now you know why your voice is never heard by the ‘whites’ in political power. You are children of prisoners of war and born slaves!
Interrelated Tribes,%201865%E2%80%93May%2013,%201867%20-%20Former%20Confederate,bail%20is%20posted%20by%20the%20abolitionist%20Horace%20Greeley.

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