A lot of people in today’s society are totally clueless in regard to the war waged against them by those in places of power. The newly developed Gateway area was strategically created to ‘look’ delightful and draws in the minority community. Without them being conscious of a bigger plot, working minorities flocked for applications in hopes of residing in the wonderland community. What was not known was that the area is completely toxic & filled with air pollution that will damage every generation who resides there.

Not only is the community surrounded by industrial toxins, it’s sits atop of wastelands. It is done intentionally and the term has been coined environmental racism. The objective is to put minorities in areas that have no fresh air, clean water, landscape etc…Not only is it built on a landfill (dump) but the Department of Sanitation is across the street among other industrial fumes from the big companies that are located there as well. The first phase of this plot in the area began in the 1970s when Starrett City went up in construction. Each generation, there was a plan to continue building more minority developments in these toxic wastelands and then employ the same people they intend to kill.


The best kept secret of the elite

With the gentrification of New York and Europeans shuttling into Brooklyn at rapid speed, its no coincidence that they weren’t given this brand new community built from scratch. Ironically, the people who live there never pondered the idea. Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant have both morphed from Black and Spanish communities to predominately white in a matter of months. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Gateway area was purposely not being tossed to the white population to live in. The reason is because it wasn’t created for them, it was developed so that minorities can inhale a lifetime of toxins, chemicals and materials that are virtually banned in most inhabited environments.

Environmental racism isn’t just in Gateway Brooklyn, though it started with Starrett City & then phase 2 was the development of the Spring Creek Community. This crime against humanity is practiced all over the country. It isn’t by happenstance, this is something orchestrated from the top & then passed down to local levels that foolishly believe it will bring jobs into the community. The same idea is practiced in Europe against the non-white populations. Hopefully people begin realizing the things going on around them affect them more then they realize and communities leader stop selling them out or stop allowing themselves to be duped. Everything that glitters isn’t gold, they didn’t hand a nice appearing area to minorities without a price attached, choose your poison wisely. Stop allowing yourself to be put to sleep, use your voice!




  1. I believe this is true we are being shuffled around like chattel I live in Bushwick and whites are in abundance, I’m not racist what bothers me is the fact that we now have to leave the area because the rent is so high iv lived in Bushwick since my daughter was 2 she is going on 30 and this has been my home for almost 28 years I work but the rent keeps increasing and I don’t want to move in toxic areas its time to leave new york

    1. That’s why me and my family moved out of California the cost to live there was getting so high we had to move

    2. So with the law in NY you don’t have to leave. You have rights to stay there being that it’s over 20 yrs that you lived there. READ or go to a free lawyer downtown Bklyn. If you don’t know no one is going to tell you. Let them buy you out.

      1. I hope everyone reading this votes in their interests. what if Black and Hispanic celebrities and athletes pooled their money together and bought up a Jewish or any white neighborhood for that matter and only wanted to rent to Blacks and Hispanics. do you think it would be allowed? even if white people could afford the inflated rents they were denied, do you that would fly?

    3. And see who runs NY? Democrats! Democrats use the black people only during elections. After that they don’t care. That’s what’s sad that the black community doesn’t see. Democrats talk a good game when it comes to wanting the vote but then do nothing when it comes their time in office

      1. Same crap happened in NYC after Guliani “cleaned up” and forced people out of certain communities. No difference in democrat vs republican. $$ always dictates decisions on either side

        1. So true. Republican or Democrat it all comes down to the money. Legislative gentrification…they wanted all the neighborhoods for the whites so all the blacks & latinos and anyone of color away from those places. And now they wanna be in the inner cities. Nothing has changed much always they always wanting things for themselves Republican or Democrat all I see is white. And if you don’t the money you are OUT.

      2. You as a Republican dont care about blacks or Hispanics. Neither one of you care for us. If you did this wouldn’t be happening. So sat in office during all of this and you did mothing to stop it, so dont blame one perty cause you Ms.Republican did NOTHING.

      3. If Republicans were in charge you wouldn’t even be here so watch what you wish for.

      4. U talk about democrats what about republicans What the fuck do they do?
        Do u REALLY like Trump n the republicans n their treatment of ppl of color, n the lies, as a president won’t release his tax returns… all the shadiness with Russia n Putin .. give me a fucking break!

      5. Agreed. Democrats=Republicans write in Alton Maddox for governor of New York. They have illegally prevented him from working. One day Mrs Maddox opened her oven to warm her family food it blew up on her 40,000 raised United African Movement. This caused her to eat out the rest of her days. RIP I too would be wary of anymore repairpeople. The non repair of their apartment years before and for over twenty years after attributed to her death. Fighting for housing with the people invited to all court as he refused to sellout.


  2. I remember last summer seeing a truck spray some solution into the air going down Elton street. I kept wondering to myself what the heck was that?! Later on I seen an article stating they were spraying because of mosquitoes! Until this very day I believe it’s B.S smh

    1. Yes! I’ve seen that and they would also send helicopters to do the same. I’d always say to myself they’re plotting to kill us. It’s a predominantly black neighborhood with people trying to work hard and make it. I guess they figure why not destroy it like they did black wall street

      1. I suggest u do sum research it was recently in the news that statistics show a lower life expectancy for people that live in areas like these.

  3. What’s wrong with people you hate certain minority people to point where you would build houses on land not habitual to live in. There is a saying be careful of the ditch you are digging cause you might just fall in yourself. Trust and believe it’s going to affect the white race as well. They are cheap and would love to pay little rent and you will rent to them or you will be sued for discrimination. Then you will have to disclose the real reason why you don’t want to rent to them assholes. One day you will reap what you sow and may God have mercy on your souls.

    1. It’s true!..
      You don’t see the Jewish community flocking over there as they like to do when they TAKE OVER communities..thats because they are Privy to what GooD and what’s NOT..

  4. I must say I been thinking about this way back in the 70’s . When I was younger my father and I was on the Belt parkway and I swear he seen it coming . I remember him saying do you build a house is on a damn dump. Next thing what happen my sister moved over there in Spring Creek . These people are geniuses very evil People.

      1. The most successful form of MIH in the country. ENY has some of the most coveted real estates in the city but ENY has the Barrons who is unapologetic in advocating for black folks. The massive number of housing being built in the 42nd Dist is truly affordable and meet the income level of the people that live here now. See if you can find that anywhere else in this city. The gov. just made an announcement of a new state park to be built on the same land.

  5. Ive worked in that area for weeks. The air is perfectly fucking fine and any area in NYC you’re going to live close to a dump. There are a lot of people in New York. There’s even a really nice shopping center across the street with great stores. And the reason there aren’t any white people there is because it’s not bushwick.

    Just like anything else in 20 years it’ll be white only and you’ll be making another bullshit piece covering systematic gentrification in gateway blah blah

    1. Whether you believe it or not it’s real and far from a figment of my imagination. Do some research and you will find the term “environmental racism” is used to define the method mentioned in this blog. Furthermore if you analyze the way NYC is set up in regard to residential areas you will notice that things like Gas Stations are more frequently placed in the center of minority communities. In neighborhoods that are predominately white, Gas Stations are more likely found in industrial areas, Big intersections, or highway exits. In the ghetto however you may find one directly next door to a multi-unit dwelling living quarters. In white areas schools have security guards, in minority communities there are numerous police present. If you tour neighborhoods simple things like parks are different according to color status. Minority communities usually have cemented parks with maybe monkey bars and a few other things including a slide. Enter the white communities and there are more parks with grass and water and things more in alignment with nature. These are subtle facts that may be disputed but the proof is in the pudding. Gather info and see which areas have more things that are less in tune with nature as opposed to other locations that ironically are filled with minorities. The water properties were great for whites until they were devastated by storms and then all the whites moved and the areas were handed to minorities.

      1. Im sorry did you go to school in New York? While I was in school there were school security not police in place of them. I would assume there was police presents in the worse schools but your statement isnt correct. And are you comparing NY city parks, because they all seem the same to me no matter the neighborhood including all have monkey bars. Its not much grass in NYC. In spring Creek has there been any reports of high rates of asthma, or any other sicknesses that confirm your theory?

        1. Yes I attended school in New York and you obviously took my comment out of text. NPYD doesn’t replace security guards in school what I was saying is that in minority communities you will see several Patrol wagons and armed police at junior high and high schools but if you go to white areas you wont see a body of armed police assembled to handle kids from ages 12-18. This is a fact.

          1. You are correct and it’s ALWAYS been that way in N.Y. I’m a native.grew up there in the late 50’s left there in the late 80’s thinking my son would have a better life. It’s in the white schools that police are needed. History showed thoes people are the ones shooting up the schools.

      2. Black people have to request these things, jsut liek white people do. I’m not gonna lie, white tend to build their communites, while we seem to wait for our community to build themselves . How many of us go to the community board meetings or even contact local officials for resources or repairs that we need in the community? This is available to us. Whites do this much more on average. We gotta stop promoting pinning EVERYTHING on the next man, and we have to start promoting being PROACTIVE instead of reactive.

          1. You are right penpopper! The world over is distracted by Football, basketball, baseball, negative Cinema, fake news, benign neglect policies, mass and social media, and displacement becomes a friendly term called Urban renewal. They ask no question. And have no voice. And those with a voice will not go to the City Council to complain about the department of parks recreation emenities. However, there is just too much going on that keep people under a rock.

        1. Black people request better security, shucks better any and everthing all the time! What the heck are you talking about. The problem is you jokers keep sending us your KKK members! Ijs ?

        2. so you just totally don’t get the picture .. yes we can request anything but will it be done NO!! not in the minority areas they have no intentions on assisting anyone or for anything in those areas unless it affect’s some type of resource or major business in the area.

        3. I lived in Long island for many years, if you cross one Street, you’re in another community. The road in that community was repaved, hence no more bumpy road. I figured they were going to do our road in a few weeks, a few weeks came and went. I wrote a letter to my representative, in two weeks I received and an answer from his office, acknowledging the receipt of my letter and that it had been passed on to the appropriate department. The next thing I know the road was being torn up and a new one put down. We have to be more proactive in our communities if you want something done. We pay taxes and we deserve to have what the other communities have. Our dollars are green as well.

        1. I concur as well!!’ It’s so sad and like my uncle and I were conversing the other day, it’s just modern day slavery Penpopper!!

      3. So are you saying that gas stations should be by the Gowanus Canal or Industry City in Brooklyn? So one would need to make sure that the car has enough gas to get over there for a refill? The gas stations on LI are not far from homes, so help me to understand. In regards to parks, if it’s a small park, it is likely to be cemented as opposed to a large grassy park, no?

        1. What I am saying is that once whites are done with a community they hand to blacks and Hispanics the parks get cemented until the whites feel like reclaiming the community and then the neighborhood suddenly becomes green again. I’m also saying that gas stations are on the borders of residential areas on major streets as in Long Island but never smack in the middle of the neighborhood. Gas stations are usually NOT connected to an apartment building next door in white areas as they are in the ghetto. They are normally isolated and placed in strategic locations near main roads and highways or the cusp of industrial or commercial areas.

      4. So Starrett is predominately black however they actually have a large Jewish and Russian community. Are they trying to kill them too? I lived in Starrett and my neighbors were Russian they still live there. Starrett was originally built for them. And Starrett city is a very mixed community so please elaborate.

        1. for some reason you are presenting your reply as though you have never heard of the idea of expendables. If you are familiar with the movie “Braveheart” (based on a true story) the English King instructed his archers to fire their weapons regardless of the fact that they would strike ‘some’ of their own men. When his soldiers told him they would hit their own men he replied “yes, but we’ll hit theirs too.” Same principle.

    2. Working in the area for weeks would hardly make you an expert in the area. I went to junior high school in Starrett City 30 years ago and it was common knowledge then that it was built on sewage wasteland. Somehow when all the gentrification in Brooklyn got huge and blacks were forced as far in Brooklyn as you can get without being in Queens…true Brooklynites do not move into Gateway unless you are moving on up from the projects. It is definitely environmental racism.

    3. I agree JC, first o all wjlhen Starett Ciry w built “Whites” were the first ones living there. It wn’t until they had to let blacks in you sw them living out in record numbers. There are STILL some white who are seniors and remained. Every neighborhood throughout EVERY community was first populated with “Whites”. So, this article is NONSENSE.

    4. Reading your comment you sound young and dumb smh, you said you’ve been working in the area for weeks. I am a native Brooklynite, I remember when all that area was Sanitations dumping ground. If your smart you will do your own research and find another job location.

    5. JC so ignorant to say especially is you know the history of the area there used to be nothing bit white people in the area even the projects there in pink houses were originally built to house the wives of army men who were away at war and were able to live there and pay affordable rent and used to look soo beautiful . Slowly after many many years people of color were allowed to move in. With that being said there is a reason why all the white people that once lived there had all moved out

    6. Maybe you have become immune to the stench since you are they’re very frequently. Just like the fisherman who stops smelling fish after a few minutes.
      However, we can smell him.!

    7. It’s sad you can be this ignorant as to what’s happening right I. Front your eyes… A person with HIV or even AIDS can look clean as ever but they’re still infected and sick… this was a landfill before hey built ANYTHING on it… “here’s even a shopping center” are you really that oblivious? It’s people like you that make it harder for people like those who shared this article, instead of working there you should live there you and your entire family… smh I hate America! And yes Im American! Jus not as much as a slave as he rest of y’all!

    8. well I guess if you’ve worked there for weeks and you’re still alive it must be perfectly safe, tell the white people to come on down….idiot!

  6. This is also happening in Flint Michigan the water was poison on purpose in the black community to this present day they can not drink the water or even take a proper bath without coming down with illness caused by polluted water

  7. Is there any scuence to back the rhetoric up, if so then there is one hell of a class-action lawsuit to be had?

  8. Our politicians sold us out Charles Barron I don’t hear u
    Toxic landfill in the name of housing 2 fare zone

  9. The article has some very valuable merits to expound on, but there is always perpetual change in society. Investment can be deemed as gentrification to others…Nothing in this country or city reduces in price. Different communities based on socioeconomic status receive different services based on economics..The tax base is entirely different…Welfare vs Career based workers are completely different…

  10. That’s so krazy how your heated over something you have no control over when God created minority he created everyone in his image and a purpose for their life it’s your choice what you want to do with it thanks for the information God bless

  11. Don’t believe the hype..they mad cause our elected officials ain’t no uncle Tom sell outs.
    Do they put this article out.. They full of shit..god don’t like ugly..and when you do wrong to people it will come back two fold.. Don’t be fooled They want this land…and want us out..

    1. Agreeing that the sell outs are the Democratic Party of Brooklyn are the sell outs for most Black & Brown Communities. The ones who tell the real deal are outcast and made out to be the bad ones rather than the ones tap dancing and brown nosing with the Seddios’ and the like. Time to tell the Truth they want ENY back. Read “ How East New York became a Ghetto “ this will reveal the ultimate. The Jews still own most of the land on these slave owner named streets. We rise from the ashes and we lived through Slavery and we will live through this.

      1. I brought a house in east my. I have been living here for seventeen years and from day one since I lived here I had notes in my mail box asking me do I want to sell my house and at the end of the note it was always a Jewish name. We started complaining now I get a self addressed letter still asking. You are right BS
        the jews do want eny back

        1. What you’re failing to realize is the economic strategy, sure they will buy the property, but they won’t live in it. They will rent it to ignorant minorities who are oblivious to what’s going on on a grander scale.

  12. This is all BS.
    It’s low income housing.. it’s about the money. You tell me where you can go that everything is fair? Not even churches are perfect. Get real.. It was a landfill over 50+ years ago. You tell me where to go that we’re not breathing in pollutants? Hmm.. manhattan? Williamsburg? Staten Island, jersey?

    I bet you talk to the single moms and families that live in the community surrounded by shopping, banking, schools and and the grateful ones will sing a tune different than this.
    No matter where you go it’s toxic. Dont be so naive …

    1. Was the Tuskegee experiment bs? Was the Guinea Pig Kids experiment in Harlem bs? Was the radiation experiments done on Albizo Campos bs? Was the destruction of Black Wall Street bs? On another note, everywhere is not toxic, there are plenty of areas not populated by minorities that are great environments to live. The problem is that you have a group of people high up the ladder that feel they are entitled to make decisions for the sheep instead of allowing the sheep to learn, grow and do for self. How many millions of Americans don’t even realize they are being duped by simple things like wordplay. “Minority” and “Majority” doesn’t mean to the commoner what it means to the law makers. A “minority” according to the legal definition is ‘one who is in infancy and unfit to make decisions for themselves”. The term “majority” in the legal realm is one who has reached full adulthood. So when the government speaks of minorities it is not about color or race but at the same time it is. They are implying that “minorities” are idiots and can’t think for themselves and so we shall lead the flock wherever we may.


      2. Maybe you have become immune to the stench since you are they’re very frequently. Just like the fisherman who stops smelling fish after a few minutes.
        However, we can smell him.!

  13. First let me start by saying I live in one of these houses. And The only way you can buy it originally was through a lottery system. You must work for the city and put your name into a system I order to gel called.

  14. I’m from Starrett City and was fortunate to leave. I promise you there are mental health issues that stem from the water pollution plant and dump. It’s not just a dump, it’s a toxic dump that spontaneously combusts from methane. Furthermore it’s a known mob dump ground for bodies. Donald Trump was a 4% owner and the company has changed from Starrett City to Spring Creek Towers to avoid any litigation. What I can tell you is that it’s the new Jim Crow. I moved to rural NC two years ago and it’s not polluted everywhere. Problem is the people here don’t want us all moving in. Yeah it’s cool for me to move in, the light skinned dude with master’s level education and a business that provides jobs but you come down here being regular guy from Starrett and things will cost more, contractors won’t do good work for you, you’ll feel like they spit in your food at restaurants and more. Don’t get it twisted, the gateway area is a mess. It’s sinking, it’s toxic, and it’s had an effect on most of the people I grew up with.

  15. Soon the poor will have no choice but to eat the rich. The universe will repay the evil no conscience for humanity race of people that causes destruction on mama Earth. Just wait until the Earth cleanse it self. Only the chosen ones will survive. Do good unto others so good can be done onto you. Peace to all my brothers/sister’s

  16. When we Black as a whole learn to buy property versus renting, then gentrification would not be as easily done, becuase you will be the one at the negotiations for the property.

    We need to properly educate ourselves on how to buy property, the benefits of having property, and most importantly how to save and invest for property.

  17. Sorry to bust your bubble but has stations in residential areas have been closing down in nyc since 911 so your information does not ring true. Further. I live near gateway and the community is a mixture of many including hasidic jew communities so, it think you have a lot of misery information.

  18. We should pool together resources and hire a 3rd party environmental specialist to do an assessment of the soil, air, and water. Having empirical data that supports what you’re saying will make a better case. The sooner we do this the better.

  19. The comments are correct I live in a area considered suburban we are 5 minutes from Long Island and we are a predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhood I live on the conduit and have three gas stations one on each corner plus the normals (crown fried chicken, Chinese food, check cashing, liquor store found in the “black neighborhood”…. go to Long Island and see if all these are in close proximity to each other they are not…

  20. The Food in America is not safe for ANYONE! MONSANTO in California supplies the seeds and toxic spray that rots fruits and vegetables. They’ve been sued for trillions and are BANNED outside of the U.S. just like cows milk but you haven’t educated yourself enough to know that you’re still drinking BREAST MILK and from an animal at that, who is beaten to produce which is consumed and how bipolar and all the mental health issues came about besides the effects of medications. Natural/Organic and meditation is the way our ancestors lived! Raise your consciousness level!

  21. this is all bullshit. don’t like it? get the fuck out of NY and move the fuck south

  22. So you mean to tell me that the Nehemiah Church is in on this environmental racism? You can get into anything in Gateway unless you are part of the church.

  23. The reason why yuppies and hipsters aren’t migrating to Starrett City/Spring Creek is because it’s not a convenient 15-20 minute train ride into Manhattan. Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick, which are now hot and trendy neighborhoods and close to the city, are heavily polluted with industrial waste. With various Superfund sites in these neighborhoods and soil with alarming levels of carcinogenic chemicals, out-of-towners are flocking to these areas. Unknowingly paying sky-high rents for a place that’s above contaminated soil. Look up: Greenpoint oil spill and newtown creek. Meanwhile, we (Hispanics and blacks) are being pushed to yet another neighborhood built over a waste dump closer to the outskirts of NYC. You want “fresh air, clean water, landscape”? Get out of NYC!

  24. Don’t believe in this article cause they are many home build around this new neighborhood before them homes and apartments was built! If you see who’s writing these stupid article it bunch of western hippies who are mad that the neighbors was build for us not them. Just remember lower Manhattan was a landfill too but worst and Staten Island it still a landfill.. spring creek was built while they was still dumping trash on the right side of the beltway head east! Beside the part of land them hippies talking about is close to the public and the part they are still building on was once under water if you dig deep you’ll find sand.Nothing was systematically done! It scared tactics ! it is a beautiful neighborhood believe I know! And I grow up around here to both east New York and Coney Island! And oh just remember to they used to dump trash in Coney Island too!✌?✌?

  25. I went to a meeting at Borough Hall a couple of years ago. There were leaflets that were handed out which explained that there is a possibility that within the next 15 to 20 years Gateway will not be habitable because of rising water levels. It is ironic that the prices of the homes at Gateway will be drastically reduced if you manage to hold on to the property and live there for more than 12 years. The cost will change from the $400,000 range to an approximate $250,000 range. Mind you, owners are notified that they have 3 years to inspect and Report any major defects on the property to have the developer liable for the necessary repair. After 3 years the responsibility of major repairs rests solely on the owner.

  26. There are places you can go where property is cheap. America is a big country and economically speaking there’s an exchange rate. I did move south and out of Starrett. First it was to Long Island where I saw the same thing happening in Wyandanch, Brentwood, and Central Islip to name a few. There are many places where you can buy land for the price of your first, last, and security deposit for your apartment. Start thinking outside the box. The game is rigged and what’s at risk is your life. I wish more of my people would move down here and change the dynamic. It’s easy to think it’s all backwoods, you can’t get a job, everyone’s racist but who cares who likes you, make them respect you.

    1. Well I want to move south! But I can’t get residency because I don’t have proof of Address. Is There anything I can do to Get residency so I can surrender my NY Identification? I’m ready to GOOO!!!

  27. i think the people who make negative comments should do more research.Cause it’s better to know the truth then you cAn make your choice wisely to protect yourself and your family.

    1. I agree! The things I take the time to write about are facts that do not receive wide exposure but if a person takes the time out to research this particular topic they will come to the realization that I didn’t make it up for the sake of engaging readers but that it is a real issue, concept and strategy that is being implemented nationwide. There are some minorities in office using their voice to speak against this but if the public is unaware than little to nothing can be done to change the circumstances. We live in a majority rules society and if the majority of people being affected haven’t even got a clue then nothing will or can be done.

  28. I like what you’re saying but the world is fuck up, I know white children getting cancer I believe from them wind turbine, not sure if it that! The point I’m making, when I go outside I see a mixture of black and white people! So don’t say minority, because it’s more like rich and poor!!

    1. There’s plenty of poor white people in the state of New York and they still aren’t subjected to the same levels of abuse. Upstate NY is filled with poor whites and the difference is that they are sitting in houses with backyards and property attached while the poor blacks are next door to sanitation and gas stations. Poor blacks have to pay for simple things that poor whites get naturally. If you are a poor minority in nyc there is no camping trips, feeding ducks by the pond, or enjoying a game of tag in the woods enjoying fresh air. If poor blacks and Hispanics want that they better have money to visit areas like that or purchase it or else it isn’t their reality. However, a poor white will see these things even at poverty level.

  29. Excuse my first comment, I thought this site was real, going down the page I see all these dating site, I realize this is just as fake as other sites, you not trying to stand for what’s real, you after the mighty dollar, I hate seeing these fake dating shit! Why you do it!!

  30. The best ive heard yet along with various other that commented that had great solution ideas that will definitely will get denied but we cant stop until we get the job done. Those that negatively commented so so hostile with negatively speaking nor respecting other peoples reality is a problem. Everyone is entitled to say… Only those knowing first hand from their life experiences dealing or have dealt with and with documented studies and knowledge of these horrendous environmental situations starting with all in agreeance here collectivelyto attempt to stop the rejections ignorances and refusals to hear and keep at demanding fast action to what is necessary give us health and living that we all deserve than just be thrown anything and we accept to bearly survive and do rightous by each other to not die. solutions are displayed here. collectively any attempts to putting an end must not stop until we get things put in its proper prospective. No one should have to leave any where they live/ lived especially due to all reasons stated here. Change is great if thats the choice. Studies and. Check the comments here from different states are the proof that its not happening in just one place..Those that are in the position to can help make it happen need to. We have to keep going at it without stopping for those that are not yet fortunate to feel comfortable these situations. The food affects us all id say.those that werent aware have gotten a conversation to at least come to grips of. Others and documented research and their real life experiences cant be disputed. Everyone here has read & commented about some things agreed from experience although some we couldnt didnt know. Serious talk. I hope penpopper. That you will choose to have an update with everyone that joined. In on these very needed discussionsy will join in With you again though on the same page. The right track Thank you penpopper.

    1. Truly appreciate your comment & thank you for the amazing insight. Your comment is loaded with gems. I definitely plan to continue researching and updating for those interested.

  31. Well i guess we forgot Manhattan was built ontop of waste but continue… and the reason whites arent back there is because its not close to public transportation and not close to the city.. oh yea howard beach is a few minutes away as well

  32. Please don’t forget “Mississippi Burning”. The town in which I grew up in, had built homes where there were power lines existed. This area was given to the blacks to live in. Well many years later the majority of the people who lived there have all died off from cancer, including my dad, stepmom and sister. Please people don’t fool yourselves and believe that these communities are safe. I continue to hear “do the research”, yes, please do your research. Read people read!!

  33. It’s just like Starrett City…many ppl that live there were found to have cancer…and we all know that complex was built on a waste landfill of garbage…big law suit in progress I believe….my mom was one of the many that died of cancer after live there for 15+years. We all want to live better but at what cost? It’s just Shameful that a dollar will make ppl put others at risk….God help us all

  34. There are so many high end luxury builds on top of landfills that this doesn’t even speak of. It takes TONS of money and engineering to make a project like this work but if they can’t do it and it’s deemed unsafe they pull out funding right away because no one wants to lose millions, if not billions of dollars.
    I just don’t understand how this project in particular could be environmental racism if cities and companies all over are building high-end luxury construction on top of old landfills for the wealthy and predominantly white? A massive high-end luxury multi billion dollar construction was built on top of an old landfill in Silicon Valley, nonetheless one of the richest neighborhoods there- Santa Clara. Building on top of old landfills is not just happening in minority communities. Look at Staten Island, a massive 2200 acre park is being built on top of an old landfill.

    Don’t get me wrong either, I am not saying environmental racism doesn’t exist because Flint Michigan is a PERFECT example of it, but this project in particular? No, total reach. These projects are intensely designed and engineered. For this to be some kind of government conspiracy to kill minorities can you honestly say that engineers ALL over are in cahoots and lying about testing and the safety with a clear conscience? I wholeheartedly doubt that. Have you read up on the amount of money and testing and technology that goes into making these projects safe? If this is truly the case, everyone is doomed, not just minorities. Killing buyers, especially minorities isn’t going to line anyone’s pockets.

    1. This particular area is absolutely an example of environmental racism. The fact that it is built on wasteland is only a small layer when scratching beneath the surface. Not only is The City Department of Sanitation across the street, but private sanitation is directly across from that. Both of these are in turn next door to the Pepsi factory and other industrial companies. In fact, the entire area was industrial and not residential. The companies are still there, all of them.

  35. I’m not saying this article is not true this area was a dump on the other side of the belt not to sure of this side witj the gateway project i will say this whole area was white from the projects to the houses ro starette city wich was was being build when my parents bought there house it was a white neighborhood for years from the 70s down it became more black ending the 70s going into the 80 thus far until now

  36. This maybe true but besides the polution being messed up anyway …we been walking, living through all lifes residue from the start of time …shit,piss,vomet,germs ..u name it its in the earth n air …so building over dead ppl n trash isn’t nothing unnatural but the toxins being sprayed and definitely doesn’t work are uncalled for

  37. This post is a total reach. If you dont mind traveling to the city then you would have no problem living there. Ive been there its perfectly fine the water is clean its still nyc for heavens sake.

  38. I was waiting to see if a real Brooklynite was going to make this comment. Many neighborhoods in Brooklyn were formerly white communities like Starrett, East Flatbush, Canarsie… there is a phenomenon of white flight from these areas once non-whites start moving in, then the community changes. These homes in the Gateway area are not being flocked to by the gentrifying types because they are not close to public transportation. All of the gentrified areas are close to subway lines for quick access to the city.

  39. I remember moving from Coney Island to Carnaise section of Brooklyn as a young teen and the demographics was predominantly caucasin. The demographics changed in matter of months to predominately African/Caribbean Americans. All i can remember was that fowl spell in the morning on my way to high school. I believe there is a lot of truth to this article.

  40. Hmmmmm, God knows best that my application did not get picked from the lottery. Next is Pennsylvania cause the whole of NY is Toxic. One day God will come for His world, New York will be His first stop.

  41. Let me say I had won a lottery there for a 4 bedroom I put the down payment for the first month rent and security which was 1078 beautiful apt and amenities… but I had googled the address and was aware of this landfill and search when it was capped and etc… This was weighing on my mind heavy imagine if one of my kids got sick i would no longer be able to pay the rent cause I would be with them every walking moment… so no work… oh I can’t but it was beautiful… so right after I signed my tic and right before I picked up my keys I called the management to five and asked could I take an air sample from inside my apartment he flat out said NOamd I explained if it was u moving ur children in there wouldn’t u want to take all necessary precautions HE SAID NO FIRMLY AND I SAID ILL BE BY TO PICK UP MY MONEY THANK U

  42. Um….Jewish people definitely live in Starrett city, which was built on a dump. They have a Yeshiva and a synagogue too in Starrett. Soooooo, yea. I’m not sure why people think Jews only like in “good” areas with clean air and no pollution. Do not speak on something you dont fully know.

  43. Notice there are no trees. That alone speaks to the point this article makes. Every neighborhood has trees. and when they don’t they are planted. Trees has many benefits mainly, purifying the air. Why aren’t there any? In NY, you can remove or cut trees on your own property. In doing so, you are heavily fined. That’s done for a reason. So to think they built new housing with NO TREES in an area filled with toxic pollutants in the air clearly is a form of Genocide. Our people aren’t going to look that deep especially when they are in need of a home. So they systemic setup is real and unfortunately effective. So the question is what can me will do as a community rather than arguing a point in a post?

    1. i apologize for any inconvenience and will try to correct the issue as soon as possible.

  44. If this is environmentally compromised community that threatens the health and wellbeing of all of its residents, what’s being about it?

  45. What doesnt make sense to me is if you know it’s not a safe area to live, no matter what race, religion or ethnic group you belong to, DONT MOVE THERE! This country is HUMUNGOUS! Go find somewhere to live that isnt dangerous for your health. And you cant blame income because I’ve been a single mother barely scraping by and making crap for money and still afforded to live in a safe environment for myself and my son. Do research before you move anywhere and make decisions that are best for your family! Stop crying about one race trying to kill another. Anyone of any race will do things to make money, we as human beings are greedy by nature. That does not mean you have to blame those people when YOU decide to move somewhere that isnt a safe healthy environment for you and your family. YOU and only YOU are responsible for what happens to you and your family.

  46. What doesnt make sense to me is if you know it’s not a safe area to live, no matter what race, religion or ethnic group you belong to, DONT MOVE THERE! This country is HUMUNGOUS! Go find somewhere to live that isnt dangerous for your health. And you cant blame income because I’ve been a single mother barely scraping by and making crap for money and still afforded to live in a safe environment for myself and my son. Do research before you move anywhere and make decisions that are best for your family! Stop crying about one race trying to kill another. Anyone of any race will do things to make money, we as human beings are greedy by nature. That does not mean you have to blame those people when YOU decide to move somewhere that isnt a safe healthy environment for you and your family. YOU and only YOU are responsible for what happens to you and your family.

  47. I will say the area was a dump. I don’t know If it is toxic. The rest of the article is without facts or knowledge. The writer has no clue on the time and effort it took to build Gateway. Please provide fact and not just speculation. I personally know two people who were involved in planning and one I know. Championed homeownership.

  48. So, I am unfamiliar with the neighborhood, but am familiar with environmental rascism…. However, not to negate the ‘race factor’, I do think we should also consider environmental classism. Having grown up in a predominantly white steel mill city in southern Ohio, where AK steel was sued several times for environmental infractions and their reparations were nothing more than pennies in the wishing well and a offer to clean the sides of people’s houses-literay black with soot- I’ve realized how corporate dollars reign almighty, no matter what skin color is affected.
    Also, I wanted to comment about how disheartened I feel at how the thread that followed this article quickly turned into a rant of “Democrats vs Republicans “/ Us vs. Them. I realize that the coming elections are very important, but perhaps we could start shifting g the conversation about what (besides voting) can we do to make these places better to live in? How can we come together to organize and make everywhere be a healthy place that anyone would want to live? What simple greening measures can we take to create healthier ecosystems? How can we hold these corporations accountable? As climate change escalates and the environment degrades around us it’s time for us to rally. All ‘leaders’ on both sides must be held accountable. From what I have seen so far, Trump and his administration have a horrible track record against the environment. Basta ya! Enough already!

  49. Wow.. I heard about this and now I’m reading it, so it is true and I live in Canarsie. And Gateway was built so the minorities don’t have to leave the Fountain Avenue area because everything they need is in the shopping mall ☹ And All the NYCHA developments also around the area, you can say they are closing the minorities in. So Sad…


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