Black Farmers in America racially targeted and sold bad seeds!

Black farmers are suing Stine Seed Company for selling them bad seeds in alleged attempt of bankrupting them so that white farmers can eventually purchase their land at lower costs. The Black farmers accuse the company of racial discrimination and say that white farmers were sold ‘good’ seeds. The Black farmers paid to have the seeds tested in a lab and what initially appeared to be outlandish accusations actually coincided with their claim. The seeds were not as productive as the ones being sold to the white farmers.

It is sad that so many Black Americans are brainwashed to believe a conspiracy against seeing them progress is not happening. They would never think that there are whites in positions of power that mastermind keeping them down on all levels.

This plot is yet another attempt by racist whites to hinder black growth in America. Institutional racism has spread its tentacles on so many levels that a portion of blacks in America erroneously believe that racism no longer exists and that black people are not targeted on the diabolical level that is historically documented.

Black America needs to wake up and realize that war is more sophisticated than merely shooting weapons. While you sleep nations are training whales, dolphins and sea lions to be spies in water. So why is it so hard to believe that scientists are recruited to separate good ‘germ’ from bad ‘germ’ [germination] in order to prevent black farms from flourishing.